Nerve Blocks Richmond, VASpondylosis is a term used to describe the degeneration of the spine; specifically osteoarthritis of the spine. While the condition is common; reported in as many as 80% of people over the age of 40; it cannot be cured. Spondylosis presents as pain in the back or neck.

Causes of Spondylosis
Spondylosis is caused by aging, which none of us can prevent! However, some risk factors do make certain people more prone to the condition. Smoking can speed up the degeneration of the discs in your spine by dehydrating the discs, making them less able to handle the movement of your body. Additionally, certain people may find their genes make them more susceptible to spondylosis. Like aging, genetics can’t be helped, but quitting smoking and talking with a medical professional about slowing disc degeneration can help slow the progression of spondylosis.

Treatment for Spondylosis
Although spondylosis cannot be cured, it can be managed with certain treatments. Treatment may be as simple as an over the counter pain relief medication. Physical therapy and adding light exercises into a daily routine can also help people suffering from spondylosis. Small changes like correcting posture can help ease the onset of spondylosis and the associated pain. In the most extreme of spondylosis cases, surgery might be recommended to slow further degeneration of the spine.

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