Nerve Block Richmond VAAt Commonwealth Spine and Pain Management, we offer many services that help us to serve our patients in the best way possible. One service that we offer that many people may not have any knowledge of is radio frequency ablation. 

Radio frequency ablation is a pain management procedure offered by the board certified providers at Commonwealth Spine and Pain Management. In this procedure, a radio wave produces an electric current that is used to heat up nerve tissue in an area where pain occurs which then desensitizes the pain signals in that area. The nerves in this area have their conduction blocked off to pain signals for six to nine months.

Not all patients who suffer from pain are candidates for the radio frequency ablation procedure. Many times, chronic pain suffers need to have tried more conservative pain management techniques, such as physical therapy, medication, and injections, before they are candidates for the radio frequency procedure. Patients who suffer from chronic neck, back, or stomach pain are typically the ideal candidates for radio frequency ablation. The procedure is also used to break up tumors.

There are three different RFA procedures. These include percutaneous, laparoscopic, and open surgery. The general procedure of all three of these different types of RFA procedures are as follows:

  • X-ray or fluoroscopy is used to guide placement of a probe into the tumor or pain inflicted area. 
  • Once the probe is in a good position, a group of electrodes are placed into the tissue. This electrodes dispense heat into the area for a small amount of time.
  • Once done, the probe is removed and a bandage is applied to the area.

Patients can generally return home the following day after the surgery. In some cases, if open surgery is needed, a longer recovery at the hospital may be needed. If you believe that you or a loved one may be a candidate for this procedure, please contact us at (804) 288-7246.