iStock_000086185951_SmallPain can affect every aspect of a person’s life leading them on the search for a quick fix. Medications like muscle relaxers and narcotic pain killers can offer that quick pain relief, but prolonged use of these medications can cause dependency. It is also important to note that while these medications can be very effective at providing pain relief, they do not necessarily treat the cause of the pain. If pain is not treated at the source it will continue to come back. Commonwealth Pain Specialists seeks to identify your pain at its source and correct the problem.

Body Mechanics

If the pain is rooted in poor alignment of the joints, physical therapy and chiropractic therapy can both be very helpful. Both therapies are rooted in the understanding that the body must maintain its natural alignment to remain healthy. While chiropractors use manual manipulation of the body to correct alignment and reduce inflammation, physical therapists work to rebuild flexibility in the joints and strengthen the muscles that hold the joints together. Both disciplines also rely on hot and cold therapies and massage to compliment them.

Your Diet Effects Everything

Holistic medicine is also considered when looking for alternatives to medication. While many patients do not realize it, their diets can directly impact the amount of inflammation in their bodies. For patients who cannot take non-steroidal analgesics (NSAIDS), like ibuprofen or naproxen, it is recommended they follow an anti-inflammatory diet. This diet consists of regular servings of fatty-fish, leafy greens, soy or low-fat dairy products, nuts, tomatoes, berries, colorful peppers, and tart cherries. An anti-inflammatory diet is not a trendy phenomenon that only needs to be followed for a few weeks. This diet is a lifestyle change that effects your overall health for your lifetime.

Pain Management Specialized Options

Steroid injections via fluoroscopy are optimal solutions to pain that do not require medication therapy. Once the source of the pain has been identified through the use of a physical exam and diagnostic imaging, it can be evaluated for inflammation and nerve involvement. Cortisone injections are very effective at reducing inflammation and eliminating the associated nerve pain. Patients who receive a steroid injection will commonly be referred to physical therapy to help prevent future inflammation.

Electrical therapy, known as spinal cord stimulation, has allowed many patients to completely stop pain medication. This implanted device sends an electric current into the spinal cord, blocking the message of pain to the brain. Patients suffering from severe chronic back pain find their quality of life restored, gaining the ability to return to regular activities that were previously impossible due to pain.

You Do Not Have to Live with Medications

Excessive use of medications can have many negative effects on your long-term health. Commonwealth Pain Specialists takes a holistic approach to your pain and ensures that correcting one problem will not lead to the cause of another. Your health is important to us and we will do everything we can to ensure you are healthy and comfortable for years to come.