What’s That Ache? Identifying Two Common Causes Of Head Pain

2023-02-08T13:43:50-05:00July 1st, 2022|Categories: Blog, Conditions|Tags: , |

Most people experience headaches at one point or another. Whether it's from computer eye strain, a stressful day, or chronic conditions such as migraine, everyone can understand the misery that comes from head pain. There are dozens of causes, and in this post, we'll discuss two similar conditions, what causes them and what can be [...]

Tension-Type Headaches: An Overview

2022-07-25T12:57:03-04:00August 1st, 2020|Categories: Blog, Conditions|Tags: , |

It’s no coincidence that we commonly refer to problems in our lives as “headaches.” How many times have you sat at your work computer rushing to meet deadlines -- or paid a set of bills on the weekend -- and noticed your head, neck and shoulders crying out for relief?  Almost all adults will experience [...]

Ouch! What’s This Shooting Pain in My Head and Neck?

2022-07-25T13:00:41-04:00April 1st, 2017|Categories: Blog, Conditions, Pain Management|Tags: , , |

Commonwealth Spine & Pain Specialists focuses this month on occipital neuralgia. Occipital neuralgia is a form of chronic headache which causes neck pain, as well as pain at the back of your head which may radiate to the top of your head. Head trauma, neck tension, inflammation and, rarely, tumor may contribute to the condition. [...]

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